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Lead-free Mold Inspection Agent

  • Safe as environmentally-friendly products (RoHS 2, PRTR, etc.)
  • Can be applied over 5 times larger a surface area than the conventional red lead
  • A thin and even coat enabling accurate contact inspection
  • Can be used as is, eliminating the cumbersome task of mixing with oil
  • Easily washes off skin and clothing


Model Use Appearance (Property) Capacity
SP-BLUE - Precision finishing
- General use
- Color check use
- Alignment inspections of machine parts
- Gear engagement inspections
- Plane finish unevenness inspections
- Die contact inspections
- Sliding faces contact inspections
- Marking-up work
Brilliant Blue Vermillion (Paste) 400g


Viscosity adjustment: Please use mineral oil when adjusting the viscosity of Shinmyotan.
Oil may occasionally float depending on the transportation method and storage condition. In such case, stir it with a stick properly in other to use it normally.
When opening the container, please wear protective gloves to prevent cutting hands.

HS code: 3405.90.000

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