Needle spray gun with nozzle FU-3-6

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Needle spray gun
20G x 15G x 80L with nozzle
Integrated the constant volume discharge valve mechanism and spray gun
For various shape!

  • Spray from the needle tip
  • The needle length and diameter is customizable and usable as a dispenser gun (botting and line drawing are possible)
  • Extremely compact design (20mm x 50mm x 45mm 100g)
  • Available for 10φ round bar with an attached holder
  • Ideal for automated line
spraygun work image
*Various types of nozzle shape are available


Air hose 4φ × 6φ (mm)
Liquid hose 4φ × 6φ (mm)
Standard nozzle set 20G x 15G x 80L
OD 0.88 OD 1.81
ID 0.58 ID 1.45
(*Other size and custom-made is available)
Discharge volume Intermittent 0.001c.c./shot~
Continuous 0~2,400c.c./min
Air consumption 24Nl/min (0.3MPa)
Air pressure for piston operating 0.4~0.7MPa
Material Nozzle/SUS304, Body/BSBM (chromium plating)


Fu-3-6: Spray gun body + Standard nozzel cap set 20G x 15G x 80L
*In the case you order only nozzle and cap, please specify ○○G x ○○G x ○○L

nozzel spec