Narrow Tape Measure

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Standard specification Black steel tape
Material: SK85
Tape tension no tension added
Scale precision Japanese Industrial Standard 1st grade
± (0.2+0.1L) mm
L: Measuring length in meters
Special products specifications ● Winding case
Straight type metal case with wood pattern [for 5m to 30m]
(Steel frame with plating)
Cross type metal case [for 30m, 50m, 100]
(Steel frame with plating)
● The ground cords (2m)
Can be installed only for Straight type wood patterned metal case
● Weight
Removable weight
Stainless steel weight
Size change, Weight change, Special shape, Scale input weight, etc
● All Stainless steel
Tape, weight, tip metal fittings, tail end metal fittings, rivets.
All except winding cases are made of stainless steel.


・Compact AES resin cased. (Hand winding · diameter about 45 mm)
・Flat tape is suitable for circumference measurement etc.
※In-house inspection report, traceability related documents can be issued (Additional cost is required)
※Certificate of origin can also be issued (Additional cost is required)

Length Model
2m S8-2
3m S8-3
5m S8-5