Mecanum wheel [NINJA WHEEL]

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Ninja wheel

Load capacity 1ton or more*!!
*in case of 4 wheels (300kg/pc)

The largest in 6inch class

Omni-directional drive wheel


Labor shortages and surging labor costs have emerged as problems globally. Automated guided vehicles (AGVs) will surely change the transport culture. FUJI NINJA WHEEL® eliminates swaying due to flutter, which is characteristic of general casters. FUJI NINJA WHEEL® is suitable for programming-based trace driving by remote operation and meets various automation needs.

Product feature

  • Reduction in vibration
    The shaft of the half-barrel rlilers is staggered to make the outer circumference of the wheel almost round.
  • Reduction in size
    The frame, derived from the combination of aluminum and steel, achieved reduction in width.
  • High load capacity
    The barrel-shaped rollers are split to increase the bearing size and shorten the shaft.
Ninja wheel load capacity Ninja wheel aesthetic design

Geometrically aesthetic and functional!

  1. Parallel movement in all directions (360°)
    FUJI NINJA WHEEL® enables handling in a small space, achieves movement in the shortest distance on site, and eliminates useless motion. Parallel movement of a cart in all directions (360°) increases the efficiency of the work space and helps reduce the equipment and area of plants and warehouses.
  2. Load capacity: 300 kg/wheel
    A load of 1 t can be transported easily with only four wheels.
  3. Suitable for wheels of AGVs, self-propelled robots, and moving carts!
    FUJI NINJA WHEEL® is a powerful solution for automating transport. It accelerates automation of hazardous work at plants and warehouses and helps solve the problems arising from the aging population and shortage of labor.


outside diameter: 150 mm, inside diameter (shaft diameter): 30 mm, width: 88 mm
Load capacity: 2,940 N (300 kgf)
Material: (frame) aluminum + steel (half-barrel roller) urethane + steel

Ninja wheel feature 1Ninja wheel feature 2