Low-profile Needle Spray Gun (only body) FU-3-7

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New mechanism needle spray gun that spray from the needle tip and enable to install 15mm pitch with new shape.

  • Spray from the needle tip
  • The needle length and diameter is customizable and usable as a dispenser gun (botting and line drawing are possible)
  • Extremely compact design (20mm x 50mm x 45mm 100g)
  • Available for 10φ round bar with an attached holder
  • Ideal for automated line

Apply medical silicon oil on the inside of the medical syringe (test tube)

Brand : Tomita Engineering (TOMIX)

Capacity 1.2s takt (3pcs processing)
Application Time 0.4~0.6s
Application Material d1: φ8.8, d2: φ4.84
Application Material Silicon oil/ viscosity 1000cps