Dipping Tape

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Standard specification Direct coupled type Brass Plumb bob(350g) at the tape Tip Stainless steel frame winding case included
(Grip part made of nylon resin)
Tape width 13mm
Tape type White steel tape Material: SK85
Black steel tape Material: SK85
Stainless steel tape Material: SUS301
Special products specifications ● Winding case
Straight type metal case with wood pattern [for 5m to 30m]
(Steel frame with plating)
Cross type metal case [for 30m, 50m, 100]
(Steel frame with plating)
● The ground cords (2m)
Can be installed only for Straight type wood patterned metal case
● Weight
Removable weight
Stainless steel weight
Size change, Weight change, Special shape, Scale input weight, etc
● All Stainless steel
Tape, weight, tip metal fittings, tail end metal fittings, rivets.
All except winding cases are made of stainless steel.
※In-house inspection report, Traceability, Certificate of origin related documents can be issued (Separate fee)

Length Model
White steel Black steel Stainless steel
5m CT-05 SKT-05 STT-05
10m CT-10 SKT-10 STT-10
15m CT-15 SKT-15 STT-15
20m CT-20 SKT-20 STT-20
25m CT-25 SKT-25 STT-25
30m CT-30 SKT-30 STT-30
50m CT-50 SKT-50 STT-50