Diameter Tape [VH type]

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Easy to measure diameter just by wrapping the cylindrical object around and reading the scale.


Standard specification Housing
Special Aluminum Case (with display carton)
Standard Tension : 20N at 20℃
Calibration engraved, thickness correction made at 0-point
Manufacturer's Inspection Certificate attached
Tape width 6.5mm(Reading Part is : 13mm)
Tape thickness 0.2mm±0.01mm
Tape Material Stainless Steel Tape
Tape Material : SUS301
Accuracy assurance Type VH ±0.03mm to Measurement of Diameter


Model Measurement range diameter (mm)
BD- 3VH 50mm - 300mm
BD- 6VH 250mm - 600mm
BD- 9VH 550mm - 900mm
BD-12VH 850mm - 1200mm
BD-15VH 1150mm - 1500mm
BD-18VH 1450mm - 1800mm
BD-21VH 1750mm - 2100mm
BD-24VH 2050mm - 2400mm
BD-27VH 2350mm - 2700mm
BD-30VH 2650mm - 3000mm