Curl Hose

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Covered with pure urethane tube utilizing the properties of the thermoplastic polyurethane resin. It is an epoch-making air hose with outer diameter only φ28 mm.
For Cylinder apparatus, Coating spray gun, Industrial equipment, Food machinery, Medical equipment, Pneumatic tools, etc.
Curl Hose (Urethane Air Hose) is the standard type that can be used for various purpose.


Apperance The outer diameter is φ28mm (standard type) : Light and easy to handle
Flexibility It is flexible and light weight (1/3 of the rubber hose) : Grip operation is easy and makes your work simple
Elasticity It has high repulsion characteristics and can endure severe use
Wear resistance Wear resistance is 3-5 times that of rubber hose
Heat resistance Up to 70℃
Cold resistance Flexibility can be kept even in the condition -10℃
Pressure resistance It tolarates a 300,000 times or more expansion and contraction test in air pressure 0.7MPa
Operability The outside diameter of the curl is narrow and the both end of the hose are straight for a certain size, therefore it will not rent even handling them roughly
Color tone Mellow green (protection against eyestrain)
curl hose 750
Part No. 100 200 300 400 600 750
Straight Portion A (mm) 100 200 300 400 600 750
Weight (g) 60 80 120 150 210 250
Curl outside diameter (φ mm) 28
Operating range (mm) about 0.3 about 0.6 about 1.0 about 1.2 about 2.0 about 3.0
Burst pressure (MPa) 2.6
Working pressure (MPa) Up to 0.7
Inner dia. x Outside dia. (MPa) 5 X 8
Hose coupling G1/4 Female thread
Carved seal No. 10 20 30 40 60 75