Cable Cutter [WK type]

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  • For cutting cabtyre, iron plate, nylon tube
  • Various cutting work by changing the blade
  • Attached the safety cover


Model (less blade) WK10 WK30N
Weight (kg) 6 21
Air consumption (㎤/time) 639 5,000
Air pressure (MPa) 0.5~0.65 0.5~0.65
Dimension (mm) A 100 A 125
B 110 B 216
H 268.5 H 394
Blade VOHR5 VOHR10
Cutting capacity (φmm) Cabtyre cable:~7mm Cabtyre cable:~30mm

*Blade is sold separately.
*FB70S (three way foot valve) and UH2 (straight hose) are needed to operate.