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Shock absorbers

Fuji Latex shock absorber has the largest market share in Japan. Its feature is that there are many sizes and characteristic that suit the customer's requirement and environment, at most reasonable price.In tyre manufacturing factory, shock absorber is used for VCL (Vertical ChuckLoader) of P.C.I (Post Cure In flactor) for vulcanizers.

  1. The widest range of sizes in the industry M4 ~ M80
  2. Customizable
  3. Various absorbing characteristics
  4. Price advantage

● What is P.C.I(Post cure inflator)?

When the tyre is vulcanized and exposed to high temperature, the tyre gets deformed due to the difference of contruction factor of rubber and reinforcing codes. To prevent its deformation, P.C.I ncapsulates the high pressure air inside the tyre and properly keeps the shape of the tyre, and cools down until the reinforcing codes stop its shrinkage (Normally under 100°).

● What is VCL(Vertical Chuck Loader)?

VCL places the green tyre (tyre before vulcanization) towards the center mechanism and and take out the vulcanized tyre and carry to PCI. The tyre will be moved to the conveyor that leads to next production line.

Fuji Latex shock absorber is an essential parts for an accurate positioning of VCL. If the control of the positioning is not accurately done, it will influence the production of tires.

Shock absorbers are used for various purpose, whatever there is movement.

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FA-2725FB/FA-2725FD/FWM-2725FBD Series FA-3035TD/FWM-3035TBD Series
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