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Since succeeding in domestic production of chain lever hoists ahead of the industry in 1938, Fuji Seisakusho Group has always challenged the development of original products and developed various cargo handling equipment such as electric winches and manual winches. Fuji Seisakusho Group has contributed to safety and labor saving.


  • Ratchet Lever Hoists (Fuji Puller, Mini-Fuji Puller)
  • Manual Winches (Portable Winch, Handy Winch)
  • Electric Winches (Silver Winch : FE, SX, TX, LXSeries)
  • Compact Electric Silver Hoists
  • Compact Electric Chain Blocks
  • Landing Gears for Trailers
  • Overhead Lifts for Nursing Care
  • Simplified Stair Lifts for Wheelchairs
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