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Santest produces unique mechatronics roducts such as non-contact liner transducers and servo controllers, logistic shock recoreders. The technology of Santest is highly evaluated.

EMI Corporation is a distributor of Santest products.


  • Linear Measurement
      - Magnetostrictive Displacement Transducer
      - Linear Gauge
      - Linear Encoder
  • ON/OFF Switch
  • Shock Data Logger
  • Rotary Measument
  • Servo Controller
  • Solenoid Valve Digital Amp
  • Remote Device
  • etc...
Santest GYMRA Probe Santest PLR Linear Resolver Santest High accuracy linear gauge ATG1
GYMRA Probe.
Flat head type, analogue output (detachable probe element)
PLR Linear Resolver
All-in-one type High accuracy linear resolver
High accuracy linear gauge
Santest GYSE-Q Probe Santest ARR Resolver Santest Rod type switching sensor
GYSE-Q Probe.
Quasi-incremental output (detachable probe element)
Analogue output,all-in-one type
CS Series
Rod type switching sensor without mechanical contact
Santest Shock Data Logger
Shock Data Logger

Application use:

Cylinder positioning and control, Curring press, Banbury mixer, Winding machines, etc.


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