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Musashino Seisakusho gear pump

Musashino Seisakusho is one of leading manufacturers of gear pumps and manufactures ideal gear pumps that feed any type of liquid. Musashino Seisakusho has continued their research of pumps consistently since the foundation and satisfied customers with their products.
Gear pumps of Musashino Seisakusho are optimally designed with best materials and applied precision processing, assembled by skilled technique. Moreover, Musashino Seiskusho conducts strict product tests in accordance with ≪JIBE8312” Gear Pump Test Method≫ and makes absolutely sure for the performance after delivery.
EMI Corporation is a distributor of Musashino Seisakusho products. Please contact us if you are looking for their products.

MS type

Musashino Seisakusho gear pump ms-type

GR-CH type

Musashino Seisakusho gear pump gr-ch-type


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