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#1 Air Shears [Muromoto Tekko]

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Muromoto Air Shears Video Content 1. Air Cutters(Hand-Held type and Machine-Fitting type) 2. Cutting of various sample. Click here more information.

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#2 "NILE" Air Cutters [Muromoto Tekko]

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Muromoto has a wide range of "NILE" air cutters to help you achieve higher productivity and remarkable cost saving in cutting, squeezing, pressing, bending and punching jobs for a wide range of fields.Each air cutters have different types of replaceable cutting blades so they can be versatile for various applications. You must be able to find the best air cutter for your purpose. Please cheke it out! How to use ↓↓ Part number MR3 (minimum size) MR5 (extra small size) MR10 (small size) MR20 (medium size) MR30A (large size) MR50AK (extra large size) MR50FK (extra large size for plastic cutting)...

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