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Hi everyone! I am Kenta Makiyama from EMI corporation.

This is the blog from EMI corporation, division 1 team. We will write about our private in turn.
Today is commemorable first blog, so I was thinking for long which topic I should pick up from my likes: movies, photo-trip, hiking and basketball...

Okay let me share about my No.1 movie. My most favorite movie is "The Godfather".
I have ever watched more than 1,200 movies in my record (actually more..) but I have never watched any like this movie.

Even if you have never watched, everyone must know that title.
The movie "The Godfather" was made by Francis Ford Coppola who is one of greatest directors, based on the novel of Mario Puzo.
The story is about prosperity and decadence of one mafia family, Corleone family.

This movie "The Godfather" is often thought just a mafia movie, dark and scared. Actually, that's wrong. It teaches us family love and humanity, business.
Not only that. Inserted music which are represented by "Love Theme" of Nino Rota complement each scenes completely.
Needless to say, in addition to the director Francis Ford Coppola, you can see the gorgeous faces, Marlon Brando, Al Pacino, James Caan, Robert Duvall and more.
I cannot stop talking about this movie.. Lol. yes they are the reasons why this is No.1 movie for me.


"I'm gonna make him an offer he can't refuse."

It is the one of famous lines in this movie, especially it is the line of a boss, Vito Corleone.
This manly line sounds neutral but it is really powerful because it means he offer something cannot be refused.
And after the scene that this line is used, the situation changes completely with that one shot. This is the very Vito Corleone.

Another one, "Keep your friends close, but your enemies closer”
That is also one of famous lines. It has deep meaning in the story and shows this movie.

Above both lines are used in the scenes showing the family love and organization's power.
Each scenes showed me this movie is not just a mafia movie.
Probably some of you are still skeptical and think it is a very classical mafia movie,
Anyhow if you are interested even a little, I want you to watch first.

I would be happy if I could share with anybody who loves movies.
Also I will share more about my likes.

See you in the next blog:)

*photo with a buffalo in Davao, Philippines

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Thank you very much for all your cooperation this year.
Happy New Year!

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